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How It Got Started

Why EdTechNovation?

I’m a software engineer and teacher with an endless passion and curiosity for education and innovation. I created this blog because I want to learn about the millions of children that we are educating in the age of innovation and share my findings with others.

How are we currently educating our kids around the world in the 21st century? How does technology play a role? Can we do better?

While my focus is on technology and how it’s being used to push innovation (mostly at the primary school level), I understand that true creativity and innovation in education goes beyond devices. I hope to uncover many stories, practices, and ideas from classrooms around the world that can inspire and motivate teachers to try them out.

I can’t wait to continue to share my discoveries! Please check out my blog to learn, discover quick tech tips, and get inspired about technology and innovation in education!

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